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The source material for this album as well as some of the lyrics were written while on various hikes in the Catskill Mountains. This album is a direct reflection of those mountains, forests, and hollows.

This album was written over a span of 2 years. Song writing for this album started in the winter of 2013 by Josh. In the winter of 2014 Sam, Craig, and Daniel joined to start rehearsing live and continue the song writing process as a band. This album was recorded in March of 2015.


released June 26, 2015

Orogeny is:

Craig - Vocals
Josh - Guitars, Keyboards, Samples
Daniel - Bass, Samples, Vocals
Sam - Drums

Recorded in March of 2015 by Michael Sepello at ATS Recording Studio in Norwich, NY.

Cello on "Bog Shaman" by Ann Jones

Artwork by Josh and David Kenny



all rights reserved


Orogeny Oneonta, New York

Orogeny is a direct reflection of the mountains and forests of NY's Catskill region. First conceived by Josh in winter of 2013. After vigorous songwriting for a span of a year, Sam, Craig, and Daniel where recruited to help complete his vision.

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Track Name: Cloudsplitter
That incandescent light
Wash me
Welcome me home
Where ever I go
Where ever I may roam
Across mountains of sea
And valleys of green
In the dark of night
The white noise of a cloud
For a minute, for a second
For all of time
The true bringer, the true destroyer
Spinning the wheels of the moon, of the sun
The one thing that is certain
My father is this motion
My mother the result
The only
Come together as one
And light my sky on fire
Track Name: Bog Shaman
That call of trembling tones
Of white hot heat that nullifies all pain
Flowering, a thousand needles into the vein
A thousand needles

Take me through clouds of chaos. till I dream awake
Eons have passed now, I am finally free
I am finally free

With my eyes rolled back, I cannot see
With my tongue cut out, I cannot speak
With my hate worn thin, I cannot be
I cannot be

Take me to another place
Somewhere beyond this plain

Open my veins
Let me pour across you
Let me dream awake
Let me fall to sleep
Track Name: Obelisk of Bone
My Crown
With the limbs of man

We are lost, we are free
Chained to this world, how we are supposed to be

We are sworn to the tides of death
Sores on the back's of our fellow man
We are whores to our final breath
Born silent and complete in oblivion

Your flesh is ours, you are just a slave
Hollow out your eyes then you will see
Maker of your existence now unmade
Flag of blasphemy finally waving free

My teeth ground into the dust
The heart of me now corroded rust
Tortured and bleeding
Soul crushing beating

Conquest not complete til you join our side
Unending horror as when we ride
Blackened steeds of death, clouds of cyanide
Sickened rotting found deep inside

Bring me my pound of flesh
The end of me will not be next
Teach me your ways
Of the deadened rest

A curse shall light upon the limbs of man
Shall in these confines with a cry "Havoc"
And let slip the dogs of war

That this foul deed shall smell above the earth
with carrion men groaning for burial

You cannot hope to stop this murderous rage
My plan of execution, you will meet your fate

We are lost, we are free
Chained to this world, how we are supposed to be

You could never perceive
All of my grizzly atrocities
Unwavering son of punishment
Laying waste to your atonement

Hallowed be my name
In this hour of tragedy
No tomorrow will be the same
Written in blood with the world to blame

My teeth ground to dust
The heart of me now corroded rust
Tortured and Bleeding
Soul crushing beating

Behold the wrath of the ruler
Oh the glory, Oh the snake!
Boundless before the deceiver
Beneath the absolute wake

Bring me my pound of flesh
The end of me will not be next
Teach me your ways
Of the deadened rest

I cannot sleep, I cannot rest
Leave me be, in pieces in my chest
A gored hole

Wall of stone, shell of pride
6ft down, this heart
This heart of mine

Draped in disease, embrace my departure
To the boundaries of unknown

I am now beyond the bone and lust
Absolution, within the lightless